Build your customers community and sell online

Effective implementation of your Commercial Policy and securing of all your recipes

Deploy your e-commerce platform in 5 minutes

Deploy your e-commerce platform in 5 minutes

Sell everywhere, sell everytime... Sell online

Kakocase, ensures that you no longer lose any opportunity to sell, by making your products directly available online, on all platforms, 24/7. Yes, you have your own e-commerce web/mobile site. Customers can order immediately after receiving your messages and pay online using MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money. Discover KAKOCASE

Online payment

"Your money is like oil..."

So said, some of it stays on the hands of anyone who handles it... For a Security of all your Receipts, go to the online payment with history of all transactions your money is in place on and on your control.

Efficient use of the customer directory

You will now keep the contacts of your customers in a modern and useful way. Kakocase will be able to use this directory on his own to bring you even more customers and encourage them into repeated purchases. No more old paper phone books that get dusty at the bottom of the drawer.

Discover Cloud Customer Manager.

Kakocase at your fingertips...

Take all Kakocase in your pocket! Through to our mobile application, you can access all our services in one click. Stay close to your customers through your icon installed on their smartphone screen. They can effortlessly access your online store with a simple press on their home screen. Kakocase redefines the customer contact for you

Customer retention made easy

Kakocase has a powerful marketing tool that can strategically offers rewards to all your prospects without you spending a single penny.

Discover Cloud Customer Manager.

Monitor and leverage your business

Pinsview lets you follow your assets on the field in real-time. Your agents pinpoint and describe your interests when they are out for a campaign or intervention. The history module lets you set events on elements on your map. Gone are the days where you were wondering what is going on out.

Increase your productivity and efficiency

Now, visualize graphically and numerically your business through the real-time activity Progress Charts in the Progress Rate Calculation and also according to the Summary of all transactions over different periods of your choice.

Marketing Campaign

Endless sales opportunities with Kakocase, a powerful Marketing tool that builds for you a persistent customer base and offers your products to this community...

Easy setup

You create your website by filling a simple form, then choosing the template that suits your brand and voilĂ  ! Your business is online.

Securing all your recipes

Accurate accounting and real-time transaction history. And this makes Kakocase a true compendium of Cloud-oriented web technology that provides the tools your company needs to exceed its objectives.

Integrated Communication

You can advert your website on Facebook with the plan that matches your goal. Drive thousands of visitors and buyers to your website with a few clicks.


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Choose a Plan and Get started

On the rate side, we have prepared you, (03) three options that are just waiting for your decision. Take a step ahead and make the Choice! Get started now and get 1 month free on your 1st year! 15% discount on the following subscription 20% discount on the 3rd year subscription.

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